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Find me on Instagram @itchban + eBook update

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If you're a new reader on this blog, you'll notice that I blog a lot about social media (Instagram mostly). I take some mean photos & kind of do it for a living. You should check out my Instagram account and throw it a follow if you like what you see:

I'm also relatively active on Snapchat, VSCO & Pinterest - all with the same username (itchban).

Comment with ✌🏼️ on my latest photo so I know my blog sent you. 


Instagram Guide eBook Update

Just a quick update on the whole eBook situation. I've been quite busy with everything lately but I am still working on it! I'm trying to figure out the best approach to take. Currently there is a lot of very heavy advanced tips in there but I'm also trying to make it friendly to new Instagram users.

Theres so much advanced info in there that kind of worries me about how much I know about Instagram. I spend far too much time on it :D

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