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New Instagram Hashtag: #SEEKSPOTLIGHTS


Alleyway in Wynyard, NSW AUSTRALIA
18 FEB 2016

I've started a new Instagram hashtag: #seekspotlights. Help me get it trending! 

The idea behind this hashtag is pretty straight forward: it's to seek out naturally occurring spotlights. You can find them through most hours of the day. Just keep an eye out for how the light cuts & peeks through your surroundings and take note of where lit hits, where it doesn't hit.

Tip: Play with your exposure compensation on your camera to underexpose your image so that you save the highlights of the parts that are in the spotlight, at the same time darkening the blacks and shadows. This really accentuates the spotlight effect like in my photo above.

On this particular day, I did just that: I went out #seekingspotlights. I knew the alleyways in the city had a good chance of producing crazy good spotlights as the tall buildings help curate the strong midday sunlight. Walking around with @chinocen, we found this alleyway with a pretty cool backdrop of a building towards the end. The sunlight was blocked in the alleyway but shone through the adjacent street and really lit it up. From there, it was just a matter of waiting for the right person to step right into the centre of the spotlight to help me frame & add perspective to my photo.