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Very Pacific North West


Belanglo State Forest, NSW AUSTRALIA
09 April 2016

I can see why the aesthetic of the Pacific North West (PNW) has become such a popular location for Instagrammers. You have probably noticed the large amount of Instagram photos that regularly flood your feed in this style. These photos will usually feature an "authentic" adventurer wrapped in a hand made blanket next to some pine trees with a waterfall backdrop.

There is something about the lush Pine trees and the warm green tones that make for great photos. That's exactly what @chinocen and I set off to recreate, in a forest just 1 hour away from my home. I needed to come up with some photos for an Audible Instagram campaign I was working on and this forest was the perfect location.

The idea was to have a perspective shot from inside the car, with the iPhone on the car dashboard displaying "Into the Wild". The photo went live on my Instagram and the client loved it! (see below)

Very PNW

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