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What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle Photography Tutorial (by @andrewtkearns & co)

Lifestyle photography is usually a pretty vague genre of photography as it covers a broad range of photography styles and shots. Basically this genre of photography tries to portray a certain "lifestyle" in the form of a visual story.

Shots usually involve people as this is the most obvious and direct way to portray a "lifestyle", although it could be as simple as set of landscape shots to convey a sense of place/context of the lifestyle. 

The video above by @andrewtkearns explains it pretty well as Andrew shows how he thinks about & shoots lifestyle photos..

The video below is the follow up, where Andrew runs through his workflow process and thoughts when selecting & editing these photos.

*P.S. I've been inactive on this blog for the past week as I've been in Tasmania on a rad roadtrip with James Boags and Tasmania Tourism. Phone reception was spotty and time was limited so I couldn't really blog.

Rest assured though, heaps of content coming (maybe even a short film!)