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One of my favourite short films

Hi fam! Sorry it's been a while since my last post on my blog. I've been very busy catching up with work and organising my next road trip from Sydney to Melbourne. It's going to be epic!

To tide you over, here is one of my favourite short films. 

It is the prime example of how important story / narrative is over other elements in filmmaking (and even photography). The shots in the film were all shot on iPhone over a 6 year period. That means that some clips were shot on the earlier generations of the iPhone. You don't need the best & most expensive gear to make impactful work.

Most the shots are not the cleanest or very technical, but they're perfect in their own little ways and all feed into the greater narrative. That said there are a few very beautiful shots in the film.

This will definitely serve as inspiration to my upcoming travel film from Melbourne.