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Sea Cliff Bridge Adventure (Day Trip)

New Video is live!

A few weeks ago the squad and I went for a sunrise mission to Sea Cliff Bridge. I've been to this spot a few times but have never shot light trails of it. Here's a short video I've put together of that morning.

Stupidly, I didn't check the YouTube copyright status of the song Flume - Quirk as most of his music is available for use (not monetizable). This track however, is from an obscure side "companion" EP which I think belongs to a different record label or something. 

The YouTube version of my video is still available, but is blocked in 47 countries :'(

If you can't view the YouTube version (above), you can watch it on my Vimeo channel below:

Of course, feel free to follow me on both channels. I will be uploading more regular content hopefully! I've already got another video in the works.

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