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Hump Day Entertainment #05

/Jaromejarre : My First Million Dollars (05:51)

One of the most inspiration videos I've seen all week. Jerome Jarre aka Vine/social media extraordinaire shows what it takes to turn down a million dollar deal. There are not many people who would do this. Watch the video above to find out why he turned down such a huge offer!

/Ambitionthefilm : Ambition (06:39)

Starring none other than Little Finger from Game of Thrones, this is a short film for the promotion of a Space mission (real life mission that is actually happening). It's meant to generate buzz for it which I think is cool and something we currently need in this world - epic level inspiration!. Great special sci-fi effects! Poor guy though, he'll forever be known as Little Finger.

/Gearpatrol : Mercedes Bens Design Studio tour (01:09)

Mercedes is definitely one of the only luxury car manufacturers to be doing car design right these days. Give me a Mercedes over a BMW any day. Check out this quick visual tour of their design studios and get a peek into what goes into designing those sexy Mercs.

/Lucasmenge : Apple Watch iPhone Home screen (02:14)

It was bound to happen. Someone (Lucas Menge) has actually made a working prototype of the Apple Watch home screen and ported it to the iPhone. Interesting concept for sure, which I'm not sure that I like or not. It feels a bit chaotic and unordered and I'm not sure how intuitive it will feel. Guess we'll have to wait to actually try it on the Apple Watch. The traditional iPhone home screen and icon layout DOES feel a bit antiquated though. It literally hasn't changed since the original iPhone. 

/Caseyneistat : Google Glass Review (04:33)

It feels like I consistently post all of Casey's new videos in this series, and for good reason. It's probably easier if you just subscribe to him but if you're lazy, check out the video above! He certainly brings a flair to reviews; it's unlike the other boring technical video reviews of Google Glass.