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Hump Day Entertainment #07

/Thehoonigans : Gymkhana 07 (12:08)

So Ken Block the Rally champion slash car hoon released the 7th video in his Gymkhana series. If you don't know by now what a Gymkhana entails then you should go back and check out the earlier videos in the series. This one was filmed in all the iconic L.A. locations. Crazy how they shut down the city like that and let him leave skid marks everywhere.

/Rocketman340 : Bicycle World Record (03:27)

Yes, this video involves a drag race between a Bicycle and a Ferrari. Please try and guess who wins.

/TheRSA : Drive - the surprising truth about what motivates us (10:47)

The RSA have some pretty cool / informative videos. They're basically the audio of a very informative and powerful lecture, but with the video back drop of a sped up cartoonist which animates it in real video time. What better way to feed your brain than to watch a cartoon.

/Madeon : Pop Culture Live Mashup (03:24)

I've always wondered how these beat pads work. It seems like he's doing so much and is a bit mesmerising to watch. 

/Bigbang : T.O.P. - Doom Dada (Music Video) (03:39)

Ok we have another entry for the weirdest KPOP music videos. I actually really like this song and the video. Pretty G and the concept of the video is pretty cool.