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Gear Guide #10 Mobile Photography

This weeks Gear Guide also doubles as a mobile photography How-To. These are the main (and only) apps I use to edit my photos found this website and my Instagram (@itchban). I try to do as little post editing as possible as it can be quite time consuming. It also forces me to take a better photo in the first place. Here are my mobile photography apps:

SKRWT - Photography App (iPhone)

Price: $2.49

Symmetry is beauty, and while it's always better to try and nail your shot to minimise post editing, it is not always possible. SKRWT is the answer to achieving symmetry in an easy to use iPhone app. With an intuitive, easy to use interface, you can make sure your picture turns out exactly as you want. Straighten all the running lines in your photo as well as correct for lens distortions. For $2.49 it is a steal and a must have for any mobile photographer.



Price: Free

This mobile app is so powerful that Google decided to buy it, and in usual Google-good-guy fashion, they've made it available for free. When necessary, which isn't very frequent, I use this app to adjust individual parameters like exposure, contrast, temperature etc. It is especially powerful because you can adjust specific spots of picture, which will limit adjustments to only that designated area. 

Price: Free (with in-app filter pack purchases)

This app is the one. If you have to only have ONE photo editing app on your mobile, get this one. It comes with the most authentic and genuine looking filter packs that exist on this planet.  A bit dramatic, I know, but show me a better filter / photo editing app and I'll redact this. It's filters replicate many of the old film looks and adds the secret sauce to make your photos great. It comes with quite a few good free filter packs as standard but there are plenty more on their store for pretty cheap. If this means anything, I have bought them all, and I plan to continue to buy any & all future releases. 


Price: Free

Big Lens

Price: $0.99

Cameras on smartphones are getting better by the day. In fact, my iPhone 6 Plus is probably the only camera I really need. Sure the image quality on a dedicated mirrorless or DSLR will always be better than the smartphones, but it is fast approaching the point of negligibility. One of the only remaining and very distinctive disadvantages of smartphone cameras is its ability to produce natural a natural and high quality Bokeh. This refers to the beautiful (if done properly) blurred backgrounds which helps contrast the in-focus foreground. This app, although not perfect, is your mobile photography answer to that. Be warned though, use it sparingly, and only if you know truly understand Bokeh and the situations of when to use it.


Price: Free

Think you're good enough to be considered semi-pro? Snapwire is a photography marketplace that lets you both buy and sell your photos online. It is pretty fun and has regular challenges and "Photo Requests" from potential buyers and can get you paid. Your photos can finally be (monetarily) appreciated!