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Hump Day Entertainment #06

/Benbrown100 : High Risk Photos (12:51)

If you like travel, you should go subscribe to Mr Ben Brown's YouTube channel. He makes daily Vlogs documenting his life. In this specific Vlog however, he takes a crazy shot on the 50th floor of a Manhattan high-rise (about half way through the video). Pretty epic and ballsy.

/Hypebeast : Kendrick Lamar on Style (01:51)

Kendrick Lamar is no cop out. He is clearly different from the other rappers, probably one of the more down to Earth in the industry at the moment. Here he talks about being a style icon and how he is too humble to enter the fashion industry in the name of making a buck.

/Chrisbryanfilms : Surfing at 1000 FPS (06:38)

Fact: everything looks cooler in Slow-mo; especially water. This will probably be the coolest surfing video you've seen to date. I've always admired videographers who have the balls to put their cameras before them and get right into the surf to get amazing surf/beach footage.

/Willdarbyshirefilm : Introverts (03:13)

This video kind of hits close to home for me as I think it will for most Introverts out there. Will talks about what it's like to live as an Introvert as I'm sure there are many of you, like me, out there. 

/Colchrishadfield : Space Oddity (David Bowie Cover) (05:30)

This video is old by Internet standards but is still amazing. Shot in actual space, Col. Chris Hadfield covers David Bowie's classic Space Oddity. Initially, David Bowie only licensed the song to be used for a year where the video had to be taken down from YouTube. Looks like he had a change of heart - it's back and here to stay!