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ITCHBAN Lightroom Preset Pack
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6 custom lightroom Preset Types (23 Presets)

  • 6 Preset Types (23 Presets variations included)
  • Tool Kit Presets (Colour & General)
  • Full comprehensive guide to each individual preset.
  • Installation Guide
  • Sample unedited photos that each preset was developed from.
  • Before & After Sample photos

Please Note:

The Preset Pack is a digital download (18.8MB Zip file). Once payment is made a download link will be emailed to you. That download link will be valid for 24 hours for you to download at your convenience.

Adobe Lightroom Presets compatible with: Adobe Lightroom 4-6, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Camera RAW
*Desktop Adobe Lightroom only


See the before and after samples of each preset applied! Move the slider left and right to compare the difference:


Preset 001 is moody, has strong contrast and has that grainy cinematic look that is reminiscent of those classic timeless films. It works well with photos that have flat lighting and a uniform texture palette.



Preset 002 is a moody look with selective tone adjustment and just the right amount of fade. It works well with a vibrant photos and places strong emphasis on the brighter red, orange and yellow tones whilst subduing the cooler blue tones.



Preset 003 is the perfect preset to accentuate those golden hour earthy tones you'll find by the seaside. It boosts the golden hues whilst contrasting it against the natural blue hues found in the surrounding skies. The warmth of this preset will help add to the life of your photo.



Preset 004 is perfect for those jungle tones, be it forests, national parks, practically anything leafy and green. It darkens those blacks and adds the right amount of fade to really bring out the life those nature shots..


Preset 005 is perfect for those bright summer days and works best with the aqua, blue green tones of the ocean. This preset is strong and contrast heavy and will help you highlight and isolate your subject.


Preset 006 is perhaps the more dramatic preset in the pack. It is perfect when you are shooting in harsh lighting conditions typical when the sun is high in the sky (#chasingharshlight). Perfect for the urban environment where shadows are as heavy as the highlights, this preset will help you achieve that film noir look.


Share your photos that you edit with this preset pack under #itchbanpreset. I'll regularly go through the hashtag and feature my favourite ones on my Instagram story & blog!

If you have any questions or queries please send them to

ITCHBAN Lightroom Preset Pack
20.00 35.00
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