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My Photo was selected by VSCO!


So I got an email (see below) over the weekend from VSCO letting me know that they had selected my photograph for their curated gallery of original imagery! Pretty stoked as I have always held their selections in high regard. 

VSCO Email

VSCO is definitely my go to photography app and I've recently started uploading my photos to my VSCO grid which you can find at

I'd highly encourage you to download the app, use it, and check out the VSCO grid for inspiration there is some truly great work on it (including mine ^^).

Original Image (pre-processed)

Original image before any pre-processing

I've only recently started taking a more invested interest in photography and have realised how important post-processing and editing is! It must have taken a huge amount of skill back in the day when photographers all their shots purely on film. 

For those of you interested in the process, I have included the original image taken on my Fujifilm X-PRO1 (35mm) before any editing was done.

I had to Photoshop the old dude struggling to climb out of the pool because it was a pretty unsightly and distracting to the image composition. I think I did a pretty good job with my photoshop skills. I usually try to stay away from Photoshopping images but sometimes it can't be helped.

In VSCOcam, I used the LV3 (Levi's pack) filter on it and made some slight adjustments and I was done. Really goes to show how powerful the VSCOcam editing features and filters are!

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