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Photography Gear: What I shoot with (Late 2015)

What Photography Gear I Shoot with #whatsinmybag

*I’ve updated my camera gear list (July 2019). Click here.


The above is practically everything I carry in my bag when I'm out shooting. I own a few other bits and pieces, but this is what I consider my essentials

As you can see with my setup, I am not a very technical type of photographer. I much prefer a simple set up and the free run-and-gun style of photography. 

I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while now. This will probably answer what is probably the most common question I get: "What do you shoot with?".  Let me put on record that I am a firm believer that it doesn't matter too much with what you shoot with, only that you shoot as much as possible. 

I'll try do a post like this once or twice a year if my gear changes. Below is every item listed and my thoughts, recommendations and tips for each piece:

My essentials:

1. Macbook Air (2013)Admittedly my laptop is getting a bit old. The Macbook Air can handle most editing tasks, but I'd probably recommend a Macbook Pro with a Retina display.

2. Eleven+ Felt Macbook Air Sleeve.  It looks stylish, is well designed, doubles as a desk + mouse pad and has room to store other things. Highly recommended.

3. Apple mouseI'm not very efficient with the trackpad so a mouse definitely helps when editing photos on the fly.

4. Oscar Wylee glassesStylish & affordable. Plus I'm relatively blind.

5. Apple Earphones. I always carry these with me, shooting solo with a soundtrack is one of my favourite things in the world.

Tip: Use the hands free controls as a remote shutter button.

6. Joby Gorilla Pods x2. I don't often use tripods because I like to shoot whilst on the move, but these are definitely handy. You can twist and shape them however you want and attach your cameras to practically anything. They're very sturdy! Highly recommended.

7. Toshiba 1.5TB External HDMy Macbook Air doesn't have much storage on it so I pretty much run most my photos off this external hard drive.

Tip: make sure you buy USB (3.0) powered hard drives that don't require a power source - makes it easier when you're on the go.

8. Seagate 2TB External HDAlways have at least one secondary backup for your photos with you - 3 if you can afford it.

9. iPhone 6 PlusBest phone out there. Get the larger Plus size. Trust me, you won't regret it.

10. Apple WatchNot sure I would recommend getting an Apple Watch. Read my review of it here.

Tip: Just about the only useful function of the Apple Watch is to make Snapchat stories lol. You can use it to play and time your music to your Snaps.

11. Moment Lens Wide (18mm Equiv)This lens attachment is awesome. Definitely recommended if you shoot regularly with your phone. Read my review of it hereHighly recommended.

12. Dark Energy Reservoir (8000 mAh External Battery)I love this external battery. It is sleek black has two USB charging ports and holds enough charge my iPhone & iPad. It also holds charge for up to 1 year without degradation. Highly recommended.

13. Canon 50D with 18-55mm & Sigma 35-100mm. This is my secondary/backup shooter that I always carry around just in case. It is an entry level 16MP DSLR.

Tip: if you carry a backup shooter, always attach a different focal length lens to what you're using on your main shooter. That way you can switch cameras on the fly if you need another focal length.

14.A. Lumix GX8 with 14-42mm, 25mm, 35-100mmThis camera is my main shooter (20MP). It is small, quick, inconspicuous and does everything I need it to do. Next on the list are some wider focal length lenses.

14.B. Quick Connect Straps Convertor. (The black straps & rings on the Lumix camera). This convertor makes connecting hand/wrist/neck straps very easy plus it won't scratch the sides of your camera. 

15. Spare Camera Batteries. I bought these two no frills spare batteries on eBay for pretty cheap. They haven't failed me, yet. 

16. Sandisk CF/SD cardsI've found that Sandisk is pretty reliable and high quality. 

Tip: Make sure you buy the correct SD card for your camera. There are so many different types and classes of cards and getting the correct one will make a world of difference. Just because two cards say they are class 10 doesn't mean that they are equal. Make sure you do some research into buying the best card for your camera!

17. Sandisk SD card reader (USB 3.0). This is always super handy to carry with you. If the laptop you are using supports USB 3.0, make sure you get a USB 3.0 reader for quick unloads. 

18. Tap & Dye Leather Neck Strap. Easily my favourite strap that I've tried so far. It is a high quality hand made leather strap that has only gotten better over time. Highly recommended.

19. Gordy's Leather wrist strap Wrist straps are especially handy when you need to take a lot of shots at an event. It means you always have your camera in hand and ready to go.

20. Manfrotto Tripod. What they say is true: "Always buy a good quality tripod, or don't buy one at all." This is a cheap tripod; it barely does it's job. Luckily I don't use tripods often. Not Recommended.

Tip: Spend a little more money to buy a sturdy tripod that is at least head level height. Also, buy a tripod with a detachable plate/head - it will make all the difference.

21. Minimaxlab Blockey. Magnetic key holder case that snaps into place. This will stop your keys from clinking around and scratching everything. Also contains a bottle opener. Highly recommended.

22. Cold Shoe LED light. I bought it for about $25 on eBay - what a steal! It is super bright and runs on 4 AA batteries. Useful for video and also doubles as a torch. Highly recommended.

23. iPhone tripod mount adaptor. Another cheap eBay purchase. I use it mostly to make Snapchat stories, but it would also be useful to make time lapses & hyper lapses with your iPhone. Highly recommended.

24. Sharpie + Lenspen.

25. Chanel Bleu Cologne. Because nobody wants to be around a smelly person.


Hope this answers a lot of questions. If not, feel free to drop a comment below. I'll try my best to reply.

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