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How to get featured & regrammed on Instagram

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram account following is to get featured and get regrammed by a larger feature account. It gives you exposure and reach to a larger audience which is essential for follower growth. You get access to their follower base which opens up the potential for their users to check your account out and follow you if they like what they see.

I run the feature account @awesupply (above) and my personal account @itchban has been featured multiple times on accounts with up to 600,000 followers. I can assure you, it works.

What is a feature account?

These are basically Instagram accounts which repost / regram other users photos and credit them by tagging and mentions. There are feature accounts which only post other peoples photos, as well as brands which mix it up with their own photos e.g. @herschelsupply.

They will usually have a few hashtags that they use for photo submissions which can be found in their profile description and image captions. For example, at AweSupply the hashtag is #awesupply and the tag is @awesupply.

How to get featured

1. Find feature accounts

First you need to find at least a handful of feature accounts that suits your style of photography. You can usually find accounts by looking at what hashtags your favourite Instagrammers use. Try to find accounts which have a larger amount of followers and a decent level of engagement (likes per photo). 

Follow them and take note of the hashtags that they use.

2. Photographic style, subject & aesthetics

This step is very important! Thoroughly study and take note of the type of photos they post, their aesthetic & photographic style, subject matter and the quality of their photos. They will not choose your photos to feature if they are not in line with what they post regularly.

At @awesupply we often get a lot of submissions which have nothing to do with the theme of the account (Travel, Adventure & Lifestyle), the quality of the submitted photos are not up to standard or the aesthetic style of the image just isn't right. For example, the colours of the photos we feature at AweSupply are often very natural, realistic and soft (see above), however some users submit images which are super saturated and harsh - these photos will definitely never get featured.

Another reason why this step is very important is because the feature accounts audience and followers have already been proven to like this style of photo. This will increase the chances of converting them into your followers if you're lucky enough to get featured.

3. Submit your images

Once you have paid attention to the two steps above, you should start submitting your photos to these feature accounts to get featured. Include their hashtags in your photos captions and tag them in your photos. 

With the recent changes in how hashtags work you should always apply all the necessary hashtags at the time you post the original image. Do not try and hashtag old photos. Find out more about the recent changes here.

Of course, this guide cannot guarantee that you will be featured. If you aren't chosen to be featured, don't worry, it will take more than a few entries. There is a role of chance and luck in the selection process - your photo needs to be lucky enough to be seen by the feature accounts admin AND it needs to be better than the rest of the submissions. 

Just keep trying and I'm sure that you'll get featured eventually! Don't give up!

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