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Photography, filmmaking, social media, travel & technology by @itchban Major Redesign & Upgrade!

For the long time visitors, you'll notice that has had a major overhaul and redesign! It was a long time coming as I've been putting it off for a while. The upgrade and migration was actually less painful than expected (thanks Squarespace) and only took two days. 

I've kept the colour palette and general schema of the site relatively close to how it was originally. Everything is where it was before, which should make a smooth UX transition. What you will notice however, is the new Work tab in the nav menu and an updated About Me / FAQ section.

The Work section is a special place for photography portfolio (Landscape & Travel / Lifestyle / Product) as I know a good amount of you regular visitors are directed here from my Instagram. I've struggled to find a nicely designed and consistent place to host my full sized images, and the new redesign gives me greater control in how I present my work to you. (Notice the swanky parallax scrolling?)

The index page ( also loads to a cover page as seen in the picture above. If you want to come straight to my blog feel free to bookmark it at: 

For the new visitors, welcome! Enjoy your stay and I hope you like my posts and work! Let me know what you think in the comments below (and also if there are any bugs)

Thanks again for visiting!