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Cliff Shore Bridge & Secret Forest Trail


High Above Cliff Shore Bridge

So a while back I tried to hike out here alone and failed quite miserably. On my first attempt I couldn't find a clear way through the thick bush so I turned around and went home. (Read more about it here). I thought it might be a bit dangerous as I might push beyond the thick scrubs and fall off the 200 meter cliff side that the location is perched upon. 

According to Google Maps, I was only about 10-15 meters away from the actual location so I was pretty gutted. This time however, success! I brought two other friends with me and the thick tall bushes seemed to be a bit flatter in Winter.

The location is an off the beaten path hike up a cliff which gets you to a pretty spectacular view of the famous Sea Cliff Bridge. I've taken enough photos of the bridge from all the usual tourist locations so this place was a treat!

The hike wasn't too difficult but there are multiple paths to the location. As you can see in the photos above, we had to break through some thick scrubs to get there! From the location, you get a stunning view of the bridge with a backdrop of the seaside cliffs that lead all the way back to Sydney.

Hidden Forest Trail (Royal National Park)

I had finally conquered that location, but the adventures didn't end there. On the way back to Sydney we decided to take the scenic route through the twisty road of Nasho. These roads are unreal! They're so lush and are perfect for a spirited drive.

I pulled over at a random spot on the road to get some shots of my friend running down the forest road and to our surprise we found a somewhat hidden forest trail. It was along a random stretch of road with no signs or markings. Naturally, we had to explore it!

I actually ended up taking more photos in the forest trail than I did at the previous location! 

Enjoy the photo set! :)

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