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Totallee Thin iPhone Case Review

The rad folks at Totallee were kind enough to send out a few of their ultra thin iPhone cases for me to test out, and I have to say - I'm loving them.

The UX & Design Philosophy

Totallee is a company that understands user experience. Their minimalist packaging and attention to detail is beautiful and really says something about their philosophy as a brand. Each package comes with a nice thank you note signed by the person who packaged & inspected it.

Black colour

The Scarf (0.02")

Coming in at an almost invisible 0.02", it's the thinnest hard-shell case I've owned for my iPhone to date. You all know I like to take care of my gear, and being on the road a lot this can get pretty difficult. Having a shell to protect my iPhone from superficial damage goes a long way.

Unlike the cheaper thin cases you can find on eBay, these cases fit my iPhone 6S Plus like a glove and you can tell they're good quality. The plastic seams on cheaper cases usually show, but not on these Totallee cases.

Navy Colour

*I have a Moment Lens back plate that is permanently attached to the back of my iPhone (see photo above). The Totallee case bulges out slightly but still fits quite well.

If you're looking for a quality iPhone case that will protect your phone from daily wear and tear you should definitely swing by and check out their products.