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Top 10 Street Instagram Accounts 2017

Hi friends! To follow up the top 10 nature Instagram accounts of 2017, here is the street category! For the past 6+ months I have been shooting a lot of street photography. Let me tell you right now, it isn't easy. The hit rate for a decent street shot is quite low. There are so many variables out of your control - location, light, weather, traffic and most importantly - the people. If you shoot all day and go home with just one good photo, it is considered a good day.

I think this is probably what I like about street photography the most. It can at times feel like a relentless grind, but it is that much more rewarding when you nail the shot. That is why I have so much respect for people who can shoot street consistently well. 

If you're looking for new people to follow into the new year, check these accounts below.

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In no particular order, here are my top 10 street accounts on Instagram for 2017:

1. @sleepingplanes

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9. @taromoberly

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If you liked my top 10 street account list, you'll probably like @street.classics. It's a street photographer feature account I run on Instagram with a few friends. The account is predominately street photography (not that moodygrams type photoshop stuff). Give it a follow and submit to it via the #streetclassics hashtag.