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5 Instagram Nature Feature (Hub) Accounts to follow

A photo posted by Awe Supply Co. (@awesupply) on

Hi friends! One of the best ways to find new accounts on Instagram is to follow feature / hub accounts. These accounts curate and post other people's photos. It's a great way to keep your feed fresh and discover new accounts.

They're also an awesome way to quickly grow your own following. By tagging them, and using their hashtags, those feature accounts may feature your image to their large audiences. Through regramming, you can gain thousands of new followers overnight.

Read more about how to grow your following through feature accounts here.

I've compiled a list of my favourite nature feature accounts. Most of them are very natural (no crazy photoshop business), and their photos aren't too overly cliche. You can follow them straight from the embedded images below (top left corner).

My current top 5 favourites:

A photo posted by Awe Supply Co. (@awesupply) on


- Your daily supply of awe & inspiration. • Tag #awesupply and @awesupply to submit photos.
Subtle plug. Awe Supply Co. is the feature account I founded / run. The photos I feature are my favourites so definitely give this account a follow first. Would love to see your submissions.

*image above by @alexstrohl


2. @stayandwander

- Adventure inspiration. World-class brand content & social campaigns. Explore with #stayandwander

Stay and Wander is Alex Strohl's (@alexstrohl) agency account. It's curation is always on point and focuses on adventure and it's subtle moments.

*image above by @timclark1


3. @thevisualscollective

- Inspiring creatives through adventure photography and storytelling world-wide. Share your adventures with #exploretocreate

This account is one of the OG's. Lately they have been doing a lot of take overs by some awesome creators (3 posts each). Pretty cool to read the captions and stories from each user that take's over.

*image above by @donalboyd


4. @germanroamers

- Consortium of creators showcasing their favorite places of Germany and the rest of the world. Tag #weroamgermany

This account is run by the German collectives. Their work is really high quality and they explore a lot of the crazy spots (mostly in Europe).

*image above by @felixpams


5. @adventurethatislife

- For The Adventure-Hearted.

The smaller of the bunch but definitely just as high quality in curation.

*Image above by @jasoncharleshill


That's it for now. I'll post some other genre feature accounts in future blog posts so stay tuned.
Let me know what genre you'd like to see next and who your favourites are in the comments below. 

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