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Out of Office, BRB (in Japan)

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June 21st - July 20th 2017

Hi friends, family & clients. I will be out of office for the next month. If you need to reach me, contact me via email or Instagram DM

*P.S. Apologies to all those who have been requesting prints. My intention was to get my print store up and running before I left for Japan but it looks like that didn't quite pan out. I will get to your orders as soon as I get back! I also *hopefully* should have a lot of rad Japan prints available by then too!

Come along with my travels on my Instagram story @itchban. I'm also travelling with @chinocen and @_davidsark so check their stories and feeds out too! So keen to share my Japan experience with you all. Big thank you to @visitjapanau!

For the past month, I've been looking for so much Japan content for inspiration. Here are some of my favourites from Instagram. Definitely check out their feeds when you get the chance:

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