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New blog Instagram account

Hi friends! Lately I’ve been sharing a lot of tips, guides and BTS stuff on my main Instagram account stories (@itchban) and you all seem to be enjoying it a lot! Each story I share with general tips gets hundreds of DM & comment replies - so the appetite to learn is obviously pretty huge. Although I do save these stories in my highlights, it is already getting pretty crowded in there. I also don’t like the idea that you have to tap through all the stories (tips) at the beginning to get to the new stories if you’ve been keeping up to date with them.


So. I’ve decided to create a seperate Instagram account that will house all of the above and more. It will more be tied to this blog and my brand than just my personal life and work. Hopefully there I can give you more of an insight into my daily routine and share more helpful stuff with you all. Also I won’t only be limiting this account to posting only my work there. I will try and share work from others and external stuff that inspires me.

What do you want to see on this account? What do you want to learn & get out of it? Let me know!

Feel free to flick through it and give it a follow
Also, if you’re not already, follow my main account

P.S. I will be travelling again soon to LA for Adobe MAX and then to Iceland for a week of road trip adventures - but more on that later in it’s own blog post.