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Everybody Street: A Film for Street Classics

It's finally live

Hi friends! is finally live! Me and the team have been working at it for the past few weeks. It is a blog & website for the street photography account / community on Instagram @street.classics. If you follow my work, you'll know what it is as I bang on about it a lot.

The film above is a collection of street moments I have collected in the last 6 months of travel and includes unseen footage from Hong Kong, New York & all Japan. The street photography fans will know - I named it after the Everybody street documentary - as kind of an ode to street photography. I hope you like it! It is short but has strong big city vibes - and from my three favourite cities in the world nonetheless.

Do me a favour and check out the Street Classics website! Drop in, poke around and let me know what you think! If you're keen you should sign up to be a part of the community too. Click the link:

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