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My new favourite Camera Strap

In the Olive colour-way on my Fujifilm X100F

In the Olive colour-way on my Fujifilm X100F

Hi friends! I copped these awesome collab straps early from my good friends over at Create Explore x DSPTCH. I gotta say that they’re awesome. I’ve already ditched my previous camera strap and got these on instead.

P.S. How sexy does the strap look on my (brand new) Fujifilm X100F!

They’re made of a softer and more comfortable material (but just as strong) and look really cool. These are the first DSPTCH products I own and I am very impressed. For those who don’t know, they’re a company based out of SF, USA. The build quality is high and their packaging is grade A. You can always tell how much a company cares by how much effort and attention to detail they put into their product packaging.

The zipper bags (below left) they come in are high quality and I will definitely be using them to store things in. The velcro strap ties (below right) used to wrap the the camera strap together in the packaging will also come in handy as a cable fastener for all my charging cords! Lastly the Create Explore logo is a cool velcro patch that can be taken off and swapped!

These straps are now available for purchase (they’re in limited quantities - so jump on this quick). You can pick them up here:

Hope you liked the info and pics. Let me know if you have any questions and which strap you’re currently using in the comments.

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In the black colour-way on my Canon 5D Mark IV

In the black colour-way on my Canon 5D Mark IV


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