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529 Podcast: I started a podcast!

529 podcast: episode 001
living the creative 529 life

Hi friends! Demas and I started a podcast. It’s about the creative (529) life and all the intricacies and nuances that come along with chasing your dreams and living a creative life. We’re going to have a weekly guest and chat to them about their stories on how they got started and all the little problems (and positives).

YouTube, iTunes, Spotify & Instagram

We’ve decided to put the podcast out as both audio & video. The video version will be hosted on the 529 YouTube channel and we’ll be sharing images and videos that we talk about in the podcast (If you get a choice I’d recommend watching it). We’ll also have it available on iTunes & Spotify if you want to listen to it on your commute or at work instead!

Lastly - don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @529podcast. We’ll be sharing shorter clips on there as well as opening the forum up to you guys to be a part of the podcast by asking questions and choosing topics for us to talk about / cover.


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