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Hump Day Entertainment #04

/Astrayfilms : Dark Side of the Lens (06:04)

Pretty well made short documentary on a Surfer / Film makers life and perspective. It is a pretty beautiful film. Check it out!

/PSNy2kUK : Alan Watts - What if Money (03:09)

This is a classic Alan Watts philosophical sound bite. Raises very valid points in how we choose to live our lives. I have no doubt it will provoke some deep thinking after you watch it.

/MorganMaassen : Water (04:29)

Another beautifully made film. The water just seems so blue and inviting. 

/Katrin Wan PR : Jimi - All is by my side (01:38)

A quick trailer for the upcoming film / biopic of the late and great Jimi Hendrix. You might not know who he is or like his music but he is definitely an interesting enough character in music history for you to pay some attention to. Casting was done brilliantly as Andre 3000 looks the part. Side note: there is not ONE official Jimi Hendrix song in the movie as they did not secure the rights and licensing. Still feels like they did an amazing job though! Can't wait.

/Flyingfrenchies : Catapult Base jump (Angry Birds) (0:24)

Just when you think you've seen it all. These base jumpers are crazy man.