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Gear Guide #09

Price: $399.00

Yep, another portable bluetooth speaker. I told you they were a dime a dozen and this one is just as stylish as last weeks. Just look at their demo pictures, you can hang it on the wall and have it look amazing, with its quality carry strap.

Best Made Lambwool Crew Neck Sweater

Price: $168.00

Crew necks will always be in fashion, it's a staple. I can vouch for the quality from the guys & gals at Best Made and you can be sure this Lambwool sweater will keep you nice and toasty through the cold winter!

Braun Watch (BN 24WH)

Price: $210.00

Call it a dumb watch and I will slap you. There is nothing dumb about the genius and legendary designs of Braun - all inspired by the design cues of the great Dieter Rams. The only thing I can hope for, is the price to drop when the Apple watch drops so I can snag this beautiful watch at a cheaper price. 

Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max 

Price: $100.00

These suede Janoski's are my choice of Nikes at the moment. The air bubble is reminiscent of the greater sneaker days, paired with the newer free run / knit styled top. Definitely a must in your casual line up.

Composure Apple Watch Charging Platform

Price: $80.00

I'm most probably going to get an Apple Watch, and going from what we know so far, it doesn't look like Apple will be providing a charging cradle. All we have seen so far is a Stethoscope looking MagSafe charging cable. Your expensive $350.00+ watch definitely needs somewhere safe to rest as it looks like the Apple Watch is going to need a nightly charge.