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Gear Guide #03

Audio Engine A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers

Price: $249.00

Whether you laptop or a dedicated home PC, you'll definitely need these gorgeous speakers to pump out your tunes. Music makes everything better. Sound quality is superb and you'll definitely get more out of your money with Audio Engine than you would with other brand named audio houses (*cough, Bose).

Fiftythree Pencil Smart Stylus

Price: $74.95

If you haven't already tried their iPad app, you should. It is best of its class, both in usability, functionality and UI design. They've now started producing hardware to accompany their app and it is by far the best iPad stylus out there. Relatively cheap too!

Ossidiana by Mario Trimarchi - Stovetop Espresso Maker

Price: $68.00

I always say: Don't trust those who don't drink coffee. I've never really tried using an oventop espresso maker but if I did, I would do it in style with one of these. 

Das Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Ultimate 4

Price: $169.00

So stealth, much stylish. The only typeface and lettering on this work of art is the logo in the top right corner. That's right. Even the keys don't have anything printed on them. It is definitely designed solely for those who are well versed in computers and tech. 

* STRICT REQUIREMENT: ability to touch type and strong familiarity with keyboard layout.

Otherwise stay away from this. I guess it is a double edged sword. While it may prove to be a little inconvenient at times, it will keep clueless people away from your computer.

Fujifilm X30 12MP Mirrorless Camera

Price: $599.00

Definitely not the best camera on the market in regards to specs, but it does look good! This would be a viable option as a more portable camera to accompany your primary shooter. I haven't seen it myself but I'd hope that it'd be "pocketable". Definitely a step up from its predecessor (X10 / X20).