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Gear Guide #04

Price: $649.00 - $949.00 (Off Contract)

Forget all the reviews. Forget all the Android whiners. If you've used an iPhone before and you enjoyed the experience it provided then think no further and buy an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. It is the most consistent of all the phone options available out there and is definitely the highest quality available. 

Apple Watch (Coming early 2015)

Price: $350.00 (starting from)

Easily one of the best looking smart watches coming to market. It definitely rivals the Moto 360 and I'm absolutely certain, will provide a more comprehensive user experience when it launches. So far, people haven't really figured out what smart watches are for, but you can probably count on Apple to figure that out. I'd wait for more details to emerge just to be sure but definitely keep this on your to-buy radar.

Oscar Wylee Spectacles - Francis model (Brushed Slate)

Price: AUD$98.00

This is for those of you out there that are not fortunate enough to have access to Warby Parker and their products and services. Oscar Wylee is an Australian local brand which more or less mimics Warby's business model (and available frames). They also have a very handy free home trial service where they post 5 frames of your choosing and you get to try them on for 5 days. Please be aware that shipping is free to you, but you must pay for return shipping.

At the time of writing this post (22/10/14), Oscar Wylee have a promotion on: 2 pairs for $98. Simply choose 2 frames and use the code 2PAIR98 at the checkout.

Moto Hint wireless earbud

Price: $149.99

This is more or less a bluetooth headset, just without the traditional douchebag stigma. You'll probably still look like you're talking to yourself (even more so actually since it's so small), but at least you won't have a clunky ear piece hanging off of your ear. With this earbud, you can easily shout commands at your smart phone assistant and take prompts and calls on the fly - very Joaquin Phoenix-esque in "Her" styled. It's ingenious carry / charging pouch actually doubles as a case and backup battery for the earbud as well so you're sure to make it a full 12 hours with this tiny bud.

Saint Laurent Classic Evening Richelieu

Price: $795.00

Dress shoes. Buy them.