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Photo Set 02: Waterfall & swimming hole chasing

Blue Mountains NSW, aU

It's in every Sydney tourist brochure: the Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters. Three piles of rocks that sheeple sight seers flock to in droves. You'll have to trust me that these rocks will be an underwhelming sight.

You should instead, seek the waterfall which is a short descent from the Katoomba Kiosk path.


The waterfall itself is actually fenced off and is not publicly accessible because it is very dangerous. Past the fence, there is no more safety protecting you from a 2-300 meter drop off the cliff.

Also, to get to the small pool (in the pictures below) and you'll have to climb up the right hand side of the waterfall base. There is a climbable path but it can be rather damp and tricky.

Again, I do not bare any responsibility if you do choose to access this path as it dangerous and unsafe. People have died falling off cliffs at the Blue Mountains; in fact, quite recently from the writing of this post.

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