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How to add non-clickable location tags on Instagram

Source: @itchban Non Clickable Location tag on Instagram

Source: @itchban Non Clickable Location tag on Instagram

*Update: Instagram has now disabled this feature. You can no longer add custom locations.

Instagram Pro Tip

Ever wondered how other Instagrammers add locations to their images that aren't clickable? You'll see the tagline under their username (where location text should be) but it'll be grayed out and non clickable.

This allows them to add another "sub-caption" in a neat and tidy way. I usually see people tag song's or advertise their website / Snapchat accounts (see above).

It's also especially handy when you don't have any location meta data for that photo and don't want it to show up on your profile's location map.


It's quite simple:

  1. Type whatever text you want to show up in the location text area.

  2. Add a emoticon in that text.

  3. After that, select "create custom location".

Adding an emoticon (any emoticon) disables your Instagram photo's location data and makes it non clickable. 

Just to be safe though, you should double check your profile's location map to make sure it worked. Hope this helps.

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