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Adobe MAX 2017 Conference



Hi friends! Currently typing this blog post out in NYC! I just arrived here after an awesome few days in at the Adobe Max conference in Las Vegas. Huge thanks to Adobe for flying me and a bunch of other amazing creatives out there for the creative conference conference! It was a fun few days meeting so many crazy talented people.

Leaving Adobe Max definitely left me feeling creatively refreshed and inspired. It's so easy and regular to lose motivation and direction in the creative fields, and attending a conference like this definitely helped me get over that hump. I'd highly recommend going to Adobe Max, not only to learn but to network with other amazing creators.

I will definitely make it a point to attend a few of these creative conferences a year from now on.

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Fun hangs with the Sydney/APAC crew: @furrylittlepeach @matjoez @_thelustlist_ @mr.jakerich @rico_montiero - check them out!

Adobe Max is an annual event where Adobe brings together the world's creatives (12,000 of us!) to discuss ideas, trends and all things creative. They hosted a ton of keynote talks, creative sessions and developer previews over the 3 days and brought in some pretty amazing people. My favourite guests were:

  • Pete Souza (Obama's White house photographer),
  • Kumail Nanjiani (Dinesh from HBO's Silicon Valley)
  • Jon Favreau (of Swingers & Iron Man fame)
  • Annie Griffiths (NatGeo Photographer & Photojournalist)
  • Mark Ronson (DJ / Producer)

Over the 3 days in Vegas I learnt so much and was inspired by all the stories and experiences of the speakers - not to mention all the Adobe shortcuts and tips I never knew about! *If you use Premiere Pro for video editing look up the "slip & slide" technique. Game changer.

Pete Souza's talk was probably my favourite session. Such an incredible photographer and unique position to be so close with the President of the United States for 8 years. His stories and experience have really inspired me to push the value of my own photography and create photographs that are more than just aesthetic, but actually have lasting meaning.

Max Bash was also pretty rad. Adobe sure know how to throw a party. So many rad installations & amazing food which was topped off by a DJ set from Mark Ronson.

Hope to be back for next year's Adobe Max!