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New DJI Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro videos!


Hi friends! Small update: I've uploaded a two new videos to my YouTube channel! They're both aerial / drone videos shot on the DJI Mavic Pro & Phantom 4 Pro.

I cut both these videos for my DJI aerial photography workshop last weekend so I thought I'd throw them up on my channel. Thanks to everyone who came to the workshops! I had an awesome time talking about my experience with DJI drones.

The first video (above) is a short trailer of the drone stuff I've gotten up to in the past few months - I still have so much more unused footage lying around. Maybe I'll cut a longer video at the end of the year.



This video is the full (uncropped) version of the video post up on my Instagram. Tokyo is such a stunning city. The song is by the talented Tim Kellner (@timtothewild). Hope you like the videos!

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