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Some of my favourite Internet Videos: EP 001

Hi friends! I am currently heavily procrastinating (again) on my own Japan cinematic video - so here is a bunch of videos for you to binge on. These are by far some of my favourite videos on the Internet right now.

More and more, I find myself more intrigued and obsessed with filmmaking - and I do see myself moving more toward that direction in the coming years. I have all these visions and ideas I'd like to see come to life, but I don't yet posses the skills to make that happen just yet (see the 4th video below - Nobody tells this to beginners).

So for the time being, whilst I practice on my own skills,  I will share with you some of my favourite videos on the Internet. Enjoy!


by Leonardo Alessandri

Arguably the transition god that came before Sam Kolder. Leonardo's ability to control your eyes through the pace of his visuals is entrancing. Read more about his process behind this video in an Fstoppers interview here.


Arctic Visual Vibes
by Ben Brown

Ben is definitely in my top 5 favourite Photographer/Filmmakers list. Ben had the pleasure of visiting a bucket list location that few of us will ever experience! If you liked this video of his, you should definitely check out his Youtube channel - he vlogged this entire Arctic Expedition!


by Juicy Studio

The action cinematography in this video are next level. I've rewatched this video a bunch of times and I'm still here, trying to figure out how they filmed a lot of these shots! Visually stunning and epic on all levels!


Nobody tells this to beginners
by creavite (words from Ira Glass)

This video is a little different than the rest on this list. Creavite has done an amazing job in presenting a quote in visual form The quote is a famous speech given by Ira Glass (check the original speech here). It is probably one of the most important lessons that all creatives need to listen to - especially those who are just starting their career. 


Know This
by Christian Sorensen Hansen

I often forward this video to people who want to get into filmmaking, but make excuses that they don't have the necessary gear & equipment. This video was entirely filmed on iPhone from 2010 - 2016. Yes, that means he used the super early generation iPhone's all the way up to the iPhone 5S. It just goes to show that storytelling trumps all, when it comes to filmmaking.


Hope you enjoyed all these! I actually have a long list of videos I'd like to share with you eventually.
Please let me know which one you liked and what you'd want to see more of in the comment section below.

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