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Skillshare classes to take for Photography & filmmaking

Learn one new thing everyday

Hi friends! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you would know that I have a running partnership with Skillshare. I often promote them and offer free 2 month memberships on my Instagram stories. Skillshare is a service that I can genuinely endorse because I have taken quite a few of their courses myself. In fact, I learnt how to edit in Lightroom through one of their courses when I first took up photography.

The best thing about their courses is that they are short bite sized video tutorials that are easy to follow. Best of all, their courses are taught by actual photographers and filmmakers - most of which I look up to and follow on Instagram. You’ll find courses from people such as: @trashhand, @jasonmpeterson, @chrisburkard, @twheat, @jayscale and many more.

Quite a few of yew have asked me to put together a list of recommended courses to take (sorry this took so long). It can be difficult finding the right courses to take on there because there are so many. The trick is to check out the work of the teacher to see if you like / vibe with their style - and then take their course.

I’ve put together a list of Photography & filmmaking courses that I have personally taken. Of course I’d hook you up with two free months of Skillshare. You can definitely crush a bunch of courses before your trial is up. Click the link below to sign up for free:


skillshare recommended coures list


@trashhand is the man. Like mentioned before, I learnt how to edit in Lightroom and shoot through these courses. He has released a few and I recommend taking them all:

  1. Cityscape photography: capture your citys story

  2. Street Photography: Capture the life of your city

  3. Going pro with street photography: shooting brand lookbooks


Hope this list helps you learn some new things!
Let me know which ones you liked the most and if there’s any I should add to this list in the comments below.

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