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Full 100% leak of 2014 Apple iPhone 6!

I follow tech news, and most Apple news pretty closely. Doing this for the past few years, I can pretty easily tell the real from the fake. I think by now, enough parts have leaked from their respective Chinese factories that a full functioning unit can more or less be assembled..

This, ladies & gentlemen, is almost 100% what  the iPhone 6 is going to look like. The actual units are going to be more polished / finished products and most likely in different colors, but this is a good enough idea of what to expect. 

I don't even think Apple is too bothered at this stage as it is inevitable for company of it's International stature. Still though, hope the actual features and stats of this thing can wow its customers & investors enough. Tim Cook, you need to pull the Jobs "Oh, and one more thing....." line this year! :)

I think I quite like it's design. Looks like they finally worked out how to efficiently produce curved (hopefully Sapphire) glass in mass production.