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OS X Yosemite Public Beta: Hates & Likes

Update #03

Since last update, where OS X Yosemite public beta completely crashed my iMac and was unrecoverable, there has been no major crashes or problems to report. On occasion (twice in total), Finder was playing up and non-responsive which only required a quick relaunch and reset of the system.


I actually really like OS X Yosemite, and don't think I could go back to an older version of the OS. By far, the best feature of Yosemite is the Spotlight feature. You're able to play songs straight from the Spotlight finder amongst other cool things. Click here to read more about this.

It is the finer details that really set great UX apart from the bad.

I really like that they've added some usability fixes such as displaying the Apple + Tab App selector on all your monitors (if you're running a multi monitor setup). Also, smaller details such as having keyboard focus already activated in the search bar when you open the Settings app is a nice little touch. As soon as you launch settings you can immediately start typing to get at what you're after immediately. It is the finer details that really set great UX apart from the bad.


Fullscreen Transitions

I really only have one HUGE issue to talk about, and that is Apple's patronising animations! WHY YOU DO THIS AGAIN APPLE?? What is with the fullscreen transitions? They sucked the first time you implemented them and now you've extended them to make them happen even when you use Youtube in Safari.

This never used to happen in previous builds! You would double click the video to go into fullscreen mode and it would be instantaneous and painless!

It is time consuming, intrusive, pointless, annoying, nauseating, and downright patronising that you have to use this animation every-god-damn-time. Just look at them! ARGH.

I understand that you're trying to show (new) users what is happening to the app and screen as the video goes to fullscreen mode, but we only need to ever see it happen once in our lives! 

Please Apple Devs - if you’re reading this, provide us an option to disable your stupid animations!

Let me know in the comments below if you agree! :)



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