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OS X Yosemite Public Beta Version 2.0

Update #04

Apple has recently released version 2.0 of their OS X Yosemite public beta. It did not provide a rundown of the changes in the update, only stating "this update is recommended for all users". There are not any major noticeable changes apart from a few aesthetic refinements and other small details.

Aesthetic Redesigns: as you can see in the pictures above, Apple has made some slight changes to the device connection icons as well as the icons in the Settings app. Nothing major. Looks like Jony Ives is really pressing his team on paying attention to the finest of details.

Finder window in Safari: when you go to upload a file to a website in Safari for example, the finder window that appears is now centered in the Safari window at a smaller window dimension. Only the width of this Finder window can be changed, not height.

DND function in notifications center - this one's kind of hidden. Open notifications centre and scroll / drag the bar down and the DND toggle will appear.

Itunes (12.0 beta) - for this update they did provide a update log. What they changed essentially was:

  • Streamlined Design
  • Family sharing 
  • Improved playlists
  • Redesigned info Window
iTunes Pro tip:
CMD + SHIFT + M: to switch from mini (album cover) player to full size iTunes app window.
CMD + ALT + M: to toggle Mini (album cover) player on and off. This doesn’t close the regular iTunes app window.

Volume icon / sound: the volume toggle icon that appears when you raise / lower the volume has changed to look similar to the icons in the picture at the top . They have also changed that clicking sound when you change the volume. I like it. It sounds less conspicuous and less intrusive, which makes sense. When you are trying to lower your volume you don't want a loud clicking noise - kind of defeats the purpose...

You can also disable this sound altogether in the sounds section of the settings. Not sure if that is new or not but something to note for sure..



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