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Gear Guide #01

This is the first of the gear guide series. Just a list of things on my 'want' list. This series will include all gadgets, gear, apparel, and pretty much everything I can't afford right now :)

Moto 360 Smart watch (Android Wear)

Price / Availability: TBA

Easily the best looking Smart watch, and watch in general to be announced in recent times. Would wear even if it wasn't 'smart'. 

Mazawa Stoneware Coffee Mugs

Price: $38

We all have that one favourite go-to coffee / beverage cup. Why not buy a high quality one seeing as you always use it.

Dark Energy Reservoir Battery Pack (8000 mAh)

Price: $99

Good looking large capacity battery pack. Originally launched on Kickstarter: this unique feature for this battery pack features long lasting standby charge of 1 year. Keep it stored away in case of power emergencies for a reliable charge.

TDK 3 Boombox

Price: $399.95

Music enhances life. Cool looking TDK boombox would fit in with most furniture setups.

Lamborghini Aventador

Price: Starting from USD$750,000

Cannot even fathom what it would be to own one of these things.