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How to get selected for the VSCO Grid

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I still remember when my first photo got selected for the VSCO Grid. I was ecstatic. At the time (and even now) VSCO grid isn't that big or popular when compared to Instagram or other photo platforms, but that didn't matter to me.

I've always browsed the VSCO grid and really dig the direction and quality of photos that were on there. Their photos I feel, are different to the cliche'd norm, are tasteful and have more of a connection to art and quality photography than the usual stuff that you'd find on Instagram.

That's why I was so happy when they sent me an email saying that my photo had been selected! It's been slightly over a year since my first VSCO grid select and since then I've had a quite a few more photos selected.

My Photos that made it to the VSCO Grid:

The photos of mine below have made it to the VSCO grid to date - with hopefully more to follow. If you search a username under an "image search" you'll find which photos of that user have made it to the VSCO grid.

How to get selected for the VSCO Grid

I don't have the sure fire formula and cannot guarantee anything. That said, I think the best ways for you to get selected for the VSCO grid are:

  1. Browse the VSCO Grid often. This will help you get a feel for the type / quality of photos that they usually publish.

  2. Post regularly on your VSCO Grid and be selective of what you post to your grid.

  3. When appropriate, try to have the GPS/Location data available for the photo you upload. VSCO are trying to build out their location based search results and having location data will up your chances (in theory).

If you are lucky enough to get an email from VSCO, there are two types:

Curated Search Results (With Distinction)

Your image did not make it to the VSCO Grid, but it has been added to the curated search results. The email will say "With Distinction". 

Grid Select (With Honor)

The below picture is what the email will look like when your photo is selected for the VSCO Grid. To be clear, it will say "With Honor" and appear somewhere in the curated gallery here.


It is possible for the same photo be selected for both the curated search results and the VSCO grid. Who knows, if you're really lucky, your photo might be posted on @vsco's Instagram account which currently boasts 1.9 million followers!

I hope all this information has helped!

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