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Visual Inspiration: my personal mood board


Hi friends. Just checking in to let you know that I've decided to move Visual Inspirations series (see below) off to it's very own Tumblr blog. Most of the images in the visual inspirations series are sourced from Tumblr anyway so this just made more sense. Do check it out - on desktop if you can. The blog looks best browsed on a large desktop monitor:

Lately I have been finding it hard to find inspiration on Instagram. For me anyway, it has kind of turned into an endless echo chamber - promoting repetitive content in an endless feedback loop. I'm pretty sure it is just a phase for me and hopefully it will end soon. Regardless, Tumblr is a refreshing change. I think the difference with Tumblr, is that there is a wider range of content which is pulled from larger variety of sources - film stills & gifs, art, design, photography etc.

*It is important to note that none of the images are mine - that kind of defeats the purpose of a mood / inspiration board.

The old Visual Inspiration series (hosted on this blog):


The new Visual Inspirations (mood board) on tumblr:

It seems a more forgiving place to share what you like rather than what your followers like.

If you liked my Visual Inspirations series then you'll definitely want to give my Tumblr mood board a follow. I have been able to post (reblog) pretty consistently and I think it is helping to refresh my motivation in photography & cinematography. It is also a good insight into what I am vibing with at the moment and what is driving my creative direction in my own work.

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