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My favourite personal photos

Blog & website have been revamped

Hi friends. I have a few updates for you. I've finally got around to revamping and fixing my website if you've noticed.

The biggest changes is the design of the blog - which is way easier to browse now. Previously, my blog would display one blog post at a time and you'd have to click through my blog posts one at a time. This new template allows me to list all my blog posts in a listing which makes much more sense. The look and design of my site has changed slightly too. It feels fresh and more modern now.

My photography & film portfolio has been updated!

I've been promising to update my portfolio for the better part of two years. I've finally updated all my work in the portfolio section of my website! Check it out and let me know what you think! There are new photos in all sections of my portfolio + a new Aerials section.

Putting together / updating your own portfolio is harder than you think. It is so difficult to choose your favourite photos and then have to cut that list in half so you're left with only the best of your favourites. After that you need to split them into categories that make sense & reflect your niches. Another issue I faced was the realisation that the majority of my photos were shot in portrait orientation. This is a huge issue I need to be more aware of. I've picked up this bad habit of defaulting to shooting vertical images because of Instagram & social media - it's such a hard habit to break. Luckily I've managed to find enough landscape crop photos for my portfolio.

Make sure to check out my portfolio on a large desktop screen if possible as you'll get the full quality of my images. It really makes such a big difference. 

My entire & complete gear list - What I shoot with

Finally, I've put together a full and comprehensive list of all the gear that I own and shoot with. The list includes my main camera all the way down my bags and computers I use to edit my photos with. It is a permanent list on my website so you can refer to it anytime. I will make sure to update it when I buy new gear (or sell). You can find it under in the navigation menu: 

It is a permanent, up-to-date list on my website:
about > What I shoot with (gear). 

Let me know what you think of my updated portfolio and blog design! If you have any questions about my gear feel free to shoot me a comment or DM.

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