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Video Entertainment Dump #08

/Zefrank1 : The Time You Have in Jelly Beans (02:44)

Some food for thought. We really do have a very limited time on this Earth, and then we expire. This video is necessary every now and again to help us refocus our time. Life is fickle, and what better way to illustrate that, then in jelly beans?

/TonyZhou : Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy (09:04)

Jackie Chan Kung-fu comedy can do no wrong. There are not many Jackie Chan movies that I don't like, and Tony Zhou does an amazing job in analysing the cinematic style of the world famous stuntman / funny man. 

/Createandexplore : episode 004 (02:16)

This is for you photographers and creatives out there. Pretty cool blend of great imagery and a dope sound track to match. Plus it's New York themed.

/Shotsofawe : The Revered Gaze (03:28)

Shots of Awe is definitely a YouTube channel you want to check out and subscribe to. It does exactly what it's name describes, provides short sub 5 minute videos of inspiration, motivation and thought provoking ideas. This episode in particular mentions the transcendent qualities of cinema and in particular the effect of Interstellar. I previously wrote about how I had an epiphany whilst watching Interstellar which strongly relates to this and you should check it out if you haven't already.

/Neemantools : Making Damascus Steel Knife (07:09)

There is something that makes this video so soothing and mesmerising. Maybe it is the lost art of trades and crafts to modern manufacturing that makes watching someone hand forge thing's so compelling to watch.