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(AAPL) Apple's share price is ready to rise!

Apple store in Turkey

iPhone 6 announcement date revealed

Apple's iPhone 6 announcement date has just more or less leaked from a very reliable source and is set to be unveiled to the world on the 9th of September 2014. It's current stock price is $95.12 at the time of writing this article (16:31 05 AUG 2014).

(AAPL) Apple's share price is ready to rise!

I believe it will explode in the medium term. Why?

Current iPhone users due for upgrade

I believe there is a huge amount of current users who fall in this upgrade category.

Regardless of what features the iPhone 6 has or how it looks, it will be absolutely huge. It will be huge just because the current set of "cards" have fallen this way.

People who are still using the iPhone 4S or older models are absolutely due for an upgrade as these phones are approaching irrelevance in terms of being able to service the users needs. Those who bought in on the iPhone 5 have their 2 year contracts expiring just in time for the 6 as well.

On top of that, the sales of the iPhone 5S weren't exactly lacklustre, although it left something to be desired. This is indicative of people holding out for the next (more significant) release of Apple's new iPhone line. The fingerprint reader and 64bit architecture were definitely not enough of a drawcard for anyone below the tech-nerd border.

This point alone, I believe, is enough to pile up orders faster than Apple can fulfil. Still though, let me give you some more reasons.

Apple + Visa = Apple wallet

This, in my opinion, does not even fall into the rumour category. It is just a matter of Apple getting it's chess pieces into position and is only a matter of time. Apple has already hoarded enough cash in the bank to, well, become a bank itself. Not to mention that it has 800 million credit card and user accounts on file in it's iTunes store. Not a matter of if, just a matter of when. I would personally give it a timeframe of about a year and some. Things will be more clear if NFC is incorporated into the iPhone 6, though a payment system would not necessarily need NFC.

"Best product pipeline" hype (iWatch + others)

Apple executives alike have all been adding to the hype machine with both Eddy Cue (Senior Vice President) and Mr Cook himself repeating the line that they're very excited because "they have the best product pipeline" that they've seen in a long time. This is definitely indicative of the long rumoured iWatch and possibly some other wearables and hardware. The iWatch itself is already enough of a category to add to Apples product line and stock price.

Culmination of Streamlining efforts coming to fruition

This is a more covert point, which I believe most people will overlook and miss.

Since the leadership of Apple changed hands from the late Steve Jobs to Tim Cook, it seems that nothing major has happened at the company. Sure, it is probably impossible to live up to the same standards of Jobs, as he was famous for all his blockbuster, world changing product releases. Cook however, hasn't been sitting idle. He has slowly but surely been streamlining all of Apple's products and services into a more cohesive and inescapable ecosystem. 

All the manoeuvring and less noticeable work of streamlining all their products and services have set up Apple to be in a position to dominate our lives (for the better).

One, very important example of this is the upcoming iOS 8 and Mac OS and how well they are designed to work with each other. You are now able to seamlessly make and take calls via your MacBooks or iMacs even though your phone is across the room. This, along with the takeover of VOIP (Apple call's it FaceTime with audio) will definitely disrupt and absolutely destroy the Telco's current operational models. 

Competitors have nothing competitive in the market

With all the above aside, please name another electronics product company out there who has even a remotely exciting product out there? Samsung has gone absolutely stale in recent times.

They're consistently producing subpar products and services and they're actually getting beat at their own game.

China is producing a few smartphone/electronics companies of note (Xiaomi) although they're more of a threat to Apple's competitors as they're targeted towards the lower end, cheaper smartphone market. 

The only real competition Apple has in the tech industry is Google, but in terms of product releases, Google itself does not even qualify as a hardware company. (Content provider dominance is another topic of debate however).

Apple is looking good in the medium term

Of course, if you were to invest in Apple, you'd have to find a good entry point as their shares have already been on a run up in the past year. Still though, it's definitely a train I'm trying to jump on before the months end - when thing's will really start to heat up.

Here is an IFTTT recipe to send you the daily close price of Apple if you're interested on following:

IFTTT Recipe: Apple's stock price at close connects stocks to ios-notifications

*Disclaimer: this article is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your due diligence when researching and making financial investments. 



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